You have the astonishing – albeit severely limited – power to erase one song from history


Fucking All I Fucking Want For Fucking Christmas Is Fucking You Fucking Fucking Fuck


Don’t think I’ve ever heard a more wrong opinion


So much wrong with those lyrics


Gets a pass for the sopranos tbh


Genuinely have to turn the radio off if it comes on. Like nails on a blackboard to me.


Fair enough, I genuinely think it’s one of my favourite songs :man_shrugging:t2:


Oasis - Stop Crying Your Heart Out.



That is about the only Queen song I actually quite like


Sex On Fire.


I once got dumped for one of the Wombats. Fuck 'em. Terrible band.

They’re too inconsequential to waste a single use power on though. As Steved has kindly already dealt with Don’t Stop Me Now, I’ll erase I Got A Feelin by Black Eyed Peas please. No redeeming features whatsoever.




Oasis - Wonderwall.

Both male and female arsehole wearing suits seem to think it’s time for karaoke whenever that song is on at a pub. Never liked the band. Always disliked the song. Vehemently dislike those that song along with it loudly at a pub.


she’s so lover-ly. proper music from proper lads with proper haircuts. okay thanks BYE.



Strong argument to be rid of Angels, but I’m going to take out Jump Around. Ubiquitous shit party bollocks for twats.


This thread is basically my entire wedding playlist, you bunch of joyless cunts.


B-52s loveshack


Beat me to it by 9 mins lo pan ma man


Up top av ^5


Queen are great you twats.

I’m-a getting rid of The A Team by Ed “Ed” Sheeran. Hopefully that kills his career. (Would maybe go for You’re Beautiful, but James Blake is a GBOL on Twitter and he did prevent World War 3, so he gets a pass).