You have the astonishing – albeit severely limited – power to erase one song from history


I don’t mind that song. It sounds like some shite that’d be on the radio in a taxi or bus when you’re on holiday, for that reason I’m happy to give it a free pass.


Ah but you wouldn’t have “Southern Rock Opera” by Drive-by Truckers. DENIED.


I feel like you might have to take one for the team here.


I like queen, what are you going to do about it?


Once I was forty years old, blah blah blah wife and friends and kids and songs and blah.

Why you gotta be so rude? Gonna marry you anyway?


Robin Thicke

Liverpool or Rotherham or Rome…biddley waum baum (cheesy guitar)


Lot of Tim Farrons in this thread. Just saying.

Stand down


Toto by Africa or whichever way round it is. Terrible song liked by boring people. Why are yous always choosing it at karaoke? it’s an awful karaoke tune.


My humps. My humps my humps my humps. My lovely metastatic cancer. Check it out.


right, i hate myself for rising for this but africa? loveshack? oasis? sex on fire? mariah? pure shoes? don’t stop believin?

some of these a great songs.


anything by adele. absolutely anything she’s ever put on tape. music to put up wallpaper to.


Not sure I’ve ever heard a 4 Non Blondes song (and can’t listen now) but I’m interested in what Xylo thinks it says that with all those songs out there by men he’s picked on one by an all-female group? :wink:

Honestly, though, you anti-Queen types need help.

I mean guys it’s OBVIOUSLY that shithouse song from Titanic that needs to go in the bin.


Ban request




It is my strong belief that Christmas would be much better if everyone just played the Phil Spector Christmas album all month. It’s perfect.


by Squeeze?

No way; that’s a great song




I’m gonna get you as well!


You can’t possibly get all of us. We are the champions, my friend. And we’ll keep on fighting to the end.


U2, Beautiful Day.

Was on some awful corporate training video back in the day that I must have seen just over seventeen billion times, plus our hold music that ALSO PLAYED ON INTERNAL CALLS WTF it just drives me insane argh


Guys are you serious they were one of the best bands in the world goddamnit