You have the astonishing – albeit severely limited – power to erase one song from history


Hmm you’ve clearly read this in a very different way to me! I’ve always read this in a “hey who needs an astro-physics degree! We can just paint our toenails and giggle, we’re girls!” kind of way. I think I’d be more prepared to give the lyrics the benefit of the doubt if I didn’t find her voice so grating.


The Fratellis - Chelsea Dagger.

I’ve heard worse, but is there anything more sinister and neo-fascist than the forced fun-pub jollity of landfill indie?


Come on Eileen by Dexy’s…that said Gold by Spandau Ballet would also be vying for permanent erasing. Not sure I could even stand listening to more than a few seconds of either song.

Then again…that song by the Kooks with the ‘Ooh la’ chorus inspired by Fearne Cotton - she lives in her own way or summat? Erasing that song wouldn’t be a personal gripe like the two above, it would be righting a musical wrong.

Then again…that Candi Staton cover mauled by Tinie Tempah and Florence and the wailing banshee machine -erasing that would be on a par with reversing Brexit…


Jesus Christ the Kooks made a comeback on the uni freshers week circuit this year! Truly awful stuff


Absolutely love that song.


You fucking keep away from common Eileen it’s a fookin tuuuuune. Golds pretty good too.


Also we would lose this


just the soundtrack to shit stadium preambles, bollocks municipal NYE events, just worse than fucking hold musak:

imagine how good world cup finals or olympics would be if this song DIDN’T exist…


I’ll bet he’s not half as funny as James Blunt.


there’s a limit to your laughs


Is it the same limit for everyone or is there a way to earn more?


Aye, it’s kinda amazing how two musicians with similar names, but completely different styles, BOTH have interesting Twitter personas and BOTH saved the world :smiley:

My bad, obviously


I wouldn’t worry. Before I replied, I googled ‘james blake you’re beautiful’ in case he also had a song with that title.


Girls juat wanna have fun is actually a cover, a man wrote it


Someone called Robert Hazard


Girl All The Bad Guys Want by Bowling For Soup. Genuinely horrendous


what the fuck


Yep thats the original! Shit


Mind blown!


Oh yeah, now I can hear it I know this song. I had no idea who it was by or anything.

The video is about a million times worse than the song. You can bin the video if you like.