You have the astonishing – albeit severely limited – power to erase one song from history


Assuming @Lo-Pan has been banned for this?




He’s long gone, last seen heading down the Atlanta highway.


It’s the remix.

Now people are saying cyndi lauper? I’m out.


“Lovin’ You” - Minnie Riperton. There’s just no excuse for making a noise like that.


There was a unique sinking feeling, listening to this song for the first time, as it dawned on me I’d hear it at every wedding/bar mitzvah/generic event for basics, that I already resented attending, for at least 25 years.


Staind - “It’s been a While”

Crock o’ shite. Irredeemably terrible.


Look, it’s Galway Girl, isn’t it. At least Don’t Stop Me Now and I Gotta Feeling are relatively convincing in that the groups sound like they’re having a good time. Galway Girl on the other hand…

  • A truly cynical release in trying to get it played everywhere before St Patrick’s Day
  • Full of really clunky lyrics (the way he squeezes in ‘Trad Tunes’ always grates)
  • Doesn’t actually take on that much Irish folk influence, compared to say B*Witched or Fairytale of New York


Missed this reply. Can’t believe you’ve done this. You and me got beef.


@andyvine and me think you’re a fuckjng plum :wink::wink::wink:


Look mate my love for love shack goes an extremely long way so just watch yourself


yeah bring it @smee we’ll pure have you



come back to me when you’ve worked in m&s coffee bar with loveshack on a loop every hour every day for three months pal


Ah, that takes me back to the last Glasgow meat :grinning::+1:


i get 'nam flashbacks every time i hear it shudder


makes more sense now, I was going to say it’s got to be the least aurally offensive song in this thread


not sure about that. its so fucking chipper and both their voices are like nails down a blackboard


that ‘HEYYY, ARE U PICKIN ON ME, YEAHH IM PICKIN ON U NOW BABY’ or whatever it is shit by Joss Stone

fuckin’ yuppie coffee wank shit for wankers


dunno if this helps but you’ve got the words wrong there, it’s Digging On You