You have the astonishing – albeit severely limited – power to erase one song from history


I don’t think that does help.


not even 100% sure the song’s called “whatever it is shit” either tbh.


it is called SUPER DUPER LOVE


Oh Jesus Christ you’re not even joking!


Happy Birthday, just because removing it would totally mess with the fabric of space & time.


apparently that’s a cover too! whats will all the mediocre covers


i do not like super duper love by joss stone even after correcting the lyrics.

i think i really dont like it cos it reminds me of a shit cafe i was stuck in once and they accidentally played it on repeat 2 or 3 times


Are you sure they didn’t just play it once, only it just felt like it was going on three times as long?




We built this city on a Trad. Arr. Tune


ahem - village


Incontrovertible evidence tbh


Sing-a-longs are shit (hey Jude)


this is entirely possible


Mmm Mmm Mmm Mmm by Crash Test Dummies

Can’t believe it took this long for someone to speak the truth


But it soundtracks the sad bit in Dumb & Dumber!


Then what would play during the scene in Dumb & Dumber when Lloyd comes back for Harry? Something not as good, probably. THINK IT THROUGH.


Super Duper Love is great*

*joss stone smiled at me once


I worked with someone who looks like and sounds like this guy, and he was a massive wanker.

come to think of it, it might have actually been him - this was the only thing he did, wasn’t it.


I’d get rid of Nickelback - Rockstar. When do I receive my Nobel Peace Prize?