You have the astonishing – albeit severely limited – power to erase one song from history


Nah that sofa advert was too amusingly shite to get rid of


Walkmen - The Rat


I wouldn’t really give too much weight to the meaning unless you’re referring to the original;


The absolute pinnacle of human achievement tbh


A lot of the songs listed above aren’t actually bad they have simply been killed by years and years and years of mind numbing repetition…

I would however suggest ‘Baby It’s Cold Outside’ by Cerys and Tom Jones. The song is awful, even in it’s Dean Martin guise, but the sheer horror of the voices back and forth on this version is truly monstrous.


Tbftbh I really like the chord changes at the end of the verses. So I’ll keep it.


Ooh there’s a duet cover in similar vein from an album that we used to have on at work. Anything Goes. Dunno whose version it was though but FUCK ME it was diabolical. Sounded like the dog from family guy with a tone deaf banshee. ~googles~


Tony Bennett and Lady Gaga.



Sweet Child O’ Mine.


Will do


Seems that everybody’s forgotten about this, so I’ll do the honourable thing and save us all.


Tom and Cerys are not a patch on this version tbf…


Jeez. If that isn’t a one bullet scenario I don’t what is. That pig that she wanked off probably made a more pleasant noise…


Changed my mind. It’s this.