You have to give up one form of media FOREVER


Which is it?

I’m not going to do a poll because some absolute weapon will claim that dressage or some shite should be included.

I think I’d go with film. I’d miss Star Wars and Wayne’s World, obviously, but TV is my second choice and I don’t want to live in a world without The Simpsons.


Printed newspapers


Minidisc, obviously.


Charcoal on canvas


I need to know what counts, but yeah probably film. A lot of films are shite.


Can I have a basic list of media to choose from? I’m guessing something like:

Newspapers / Magazines

In which case I’d go for newspapers / magazines without a doubt, closely followed by games.


No, for the aforementioned absolute weapon reasons.


Yes if newspaper and magazines count they can go. Fuck em.


Where’s the poll, poindexter?


If you lose newspapers/magazines then you also lose their online equivalents.


Way to read, no read.


newspapers / magazines seems like an easy get out - especially as that stuff is all over the internet

I hate to say it, but realistically I would have to say books. I like reading and try and do it more - but the reality is I spend far more tome consuming all the other kinds of media


facebook can get to fuck.




I will forego chiselled stone tablets. It’s a blow to the headstone industry, but they’re only profiting from death anyway.


Hmm, it’s still tempting, but I guess I read enough stuff online to make it kind of indispensable.

Probably gaming then. Perhaps films.


I read it.

I would give up vlogs


I’d give them up in this order:

Books - haven’t read one for 12 years anyway

TV - I’ve seen breaking bag and sopranos now so it can’t get much better right?

Film - Would be sad to never see any great movies again but I could cope alright

Podcasts - I love me some good history/gaming/buxton podcasts, this one would be difficult

Music - Never get to hear Mark Kozelek’s voice again :frowning: mostly I just listen to my own stuff when I’m recording anyway

Games - Need to complete Final Fantasy VII every year to feel alive.


Memes. The bad far, far outweigh the good.