You have to give up one form of media FOREVER

being told things



just checked jape’s post and he hasn’t said this already, epimer had started the thread so I didn’t need to check his

No I don’t.

as if i could live in a world without horse dancing

I’d probably give up games first. I love them, but music is way more important to me. As for film, I don’t watch em much, but I feel I need them.

Films. Who gives a shit about them.


It’s so blatantly film.

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Might just give it up anyway, pile of fucking shit

yeah, I’d probably go dressage as well

the question is irrelevant any way, as there’s no longer any distinction between different forms of media now. It’s all content, though sometimes high-quality content.

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alright, marshall mcluhan

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books. I dun learnt all I need too

Yet to be somewhere and when someone asks for some music there’s a film being whacked on mind.

when I’m asked to DJ I’ll normally stick on a Tarantino movie. the ultimate mix

I’ve pretty much already given them up. It’s mostly propaganda anyway. Trying to uphold the status quo and make everyone think that being a good citizen is in their best interests.

Yeah, wake up sheeple!

LOL. (As the kids don’t say.)

Music. I’ve probably heard the best songs already, wouldn’t miss it, can always song if I’m bored.

This thread is ANARCHIC

So on that basis, I give up parliamentary rule