You have to give up one of these forever (Poll thread)

  • Buses
  • Taxis

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  • Aeroplane
  • Surfboard

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Don’t even use taxis but still, fuck a bus

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  • Day
  • Night

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Save it for tomorrow m9.

  • Youtube
  • Terrestrial TV

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can just use a proxy m9.


anyone who answers buses is an earth-hating tory

  • Dogs
  • Cats

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Hip hop

  • West Coast
  • East Coast

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just imagining an existence in which all I watch are 4 minute youtube clips is exhausting and distressing.


Nah. Barely get either but use cabs more because I use them after the buses have stopped

  • Music
  • Films and TV

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  • Playing football
  • Watching, talking about and reading about football

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Imagine if you got injured and couldn’t play again. Imagine how red your face would be!

  • Your friends
  • Your family
  • Fuck off wonton that’s a horrible question

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  • Chinese Takeaway
  • Indian Takeaway

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Chinese takeaway, but only because we make it at home a lot.

reckon dece indian food is easier to make at home than a proper msg greasy noodle thing.