You haven't missed anything or here is the Monday Evening thread

evening gang

i’m trying to decide what to get for dinner. nooooooooooooooooooo ideas.

what cha doing

what cha eating

*taps microphone*

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Evening japes, you should have spaghetti hoops on toast.

I’ve just had breakfast so dinner plans are a long way off. I’m disappointed because both the gondola and mammoth zip line are closed in between the summer and winter seasons so I need to find something else to do today. I went to Death Valley yesterday and it reached 108oF/42oC which was a little hot. I should’ve started a ‘crazy things I’ve overheard Americans say’ thread because last night in a Maccie Ds I heard a woman in her 20s exclaim ‘I just can’t stop seeing and feeling god everywhere in this town, he’s even in me’.


Hi japes :wave:

Blaaaah. Feeling a bit glum, would like to order myself something nice for dinner.

Hugs pls.


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It’s okay, @laelfy 's post has cheered me up. :laughing:


i’m feeling a wee bit glum too, think it’s the weather getting colder / nights getting darker

Got a runny bum and a 3hr flight so not gonna risk any food.

See, I could blame it on this… but the pumpkins, japes!! They’re here!!


ooft. good luck with that.

Get some Imodium in you it’s magic

Imagine how glum I’m going to be when I arrive back in Glasgow in December :slightly_frowning_face:


Haha!! I was going to say I might order some sushi… is it rubbish of me to tell the tv to fend for himself? He’s out tonight so will need something quick and also will not want sushi.

Do it. He’s left you alone he deserves it.

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Got a cold, so can’t taste anything. Having leftover pie with potato gratin and veg. Some nice cuddles too. Got that anxious feeling that you get when youve boozed too much booze

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was brought up to believe that pumpkins were very bourgeois. we carved turnips.

they’re a pound fifty! fuck sake, mum. you could have got me a pumpkin. :jack_o_lantern:

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Lol. Weirdo east coasters.


that’s a bad one. cuddly baby should help.

fuckin hard work carving a turnip n all.

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Probably would’ve been alright if it wasn’t around dissers. She’s helping mind