You haven't missed anything or here is the Monday Evening thread

We’re you not going to invest in pumpkins this year for the DiS community?!

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we’ll organise a DiS meat. it’ll take the edge off.

(it goes in your mouth btw)

Ooh can we have a ‘who can carve the indiest pumpkin/turnip’ thread?

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Carving a turnip is the hipster choice, so Japes wins


i’m into that

In the midst of a very complicated work situation. Very tired and got far too much to do. Gonna be working most of the evening :ok_hand:

not really. i’m on a diet so it’s pretty much grilled meat and steamed vegetables :upside_down_face:

treat yourself to some nice :coffee:

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might do a curry tomorrow. it’ll be with cauliflower rice though. so y’know. it’ll be fine at best.

see if you’ve not had rice or pasta or whatever for ages, it’s alright. but i’d imagine people trying it just instead of normal rice for a laugh would be severely disappointed.

Yo yo yo

Fishcakes, mash, veg

Telly catchup

Route planning for holiday, gonna be hilly AF :joy:

Evening all.

Off to band aren’t I? Got rehearsal tonight, Wednesday and Thursday in Gloucester, Friday in London, contest on Saturday. Oosh.

On the way to Carshalton v Margate, Bostik League action. Listening to Why? Should be there in a minute, train is slow though. Meeting a mate.

I ordered Gizmo some special treats which I saw online. As he’s now got kidney disease and he’s on a special diet, he shouldn’t really have dreamies. Thankfully he loves the new ones.

Currently cooking a quiche, new potatoes, beetroot and salad for dinner. Then I’ll settle down to watch Bournemouth v Palace on TV.

Tired (woke up at 4am), sad, watching The Leftovers.

Enjoy the game, shame Palace are playing or I’d be there.

Disaster, he’s not going out AND I forgot the sushi place is closed on a Monday. :scream:


Had a fish supper, watching arrested development

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just ate the first ready meal I’ve had in Spain - spag bol.

6/10. :frowning: