You haven't missed anything or here is the Monday Evening thread

Oh god. Spaghetti hoops on toast?


tasted like spaghetti hoops

Retyping my GF’s CV, trying to figure out when I’m attending dance rehearsal for a music video I’ll be in and also organising recording with MueseuM. LIFE ADMIN.

Might have a cider and watch the football later. No idea what we’ll be eating for dinner.


Got my 4 year old nephew staying over. We watched some Scooby Doo and ate some pasta. He’s now in bed, listening to an audiobook until he falls asleep. Going to the cinema tomorrow morning.

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Really want spaghetti hoops on toast now.

Went to the KFC in Angel. No ketchup, no Beans. 0/10.

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It’s the one thing from home I’d like right now

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It’s a solid choice Laelfy. I may have some for lunch tomorrow in honour of you.

I’m jealous of your adventures though.

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I’m jealous of your lunch tomorrow

Could send you a tin in the post if it helps?


I’ve considered looking for some in Walmart but the bread and butter won’t be the same :slightly_frowning_face:

Not that exciting! It’s proved impossible for us to get a few minutes to play music together outside of gig situations. Arthur works evenings and weekends, I work weekdays so our schedules never line up. He may be moving into our practice space though which could help.

Tl;dr, new material soon if things go our way.

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Found this photo of me outside the worst kebab shop in all of Ireland earlier on too.


Won both games of football.
Spent my lunch making a spinach and kale dhal pie and it is :ok_hand:


The second of three consecutive solo parenting evenings tonight. We had a full on meltdown at bathtime, tears as we were brushing teeth, then made up again over a chapter or two of Winnie the Pooh. I’ve just done all the washing up, next job is getting the bins out, then maybe I’ll think about dinner.

Gennaro Contaldo has the best accent. Italian cockney

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what you going to see?

guys I’m getting a bald patch :scream: :warning: :scream: :warning:

How did you know it was a cyclist?

I know what you meant

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Because they were walking along telling anyone who’d listen…