You know how at some zoos there are bat tunnels?

You step into them and they’re all dark and there’s lots of bats flying about.

How do they get the bats to not fly out when you come through?

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They have those big plastic flaps that you have to walk through a pair of going in and out. Last time I went in one a bat got in between them and loads of kids* freaked out

*including me

Yeah I don’t understand how they don’t get out more often.

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Maybe they do and it’s a big secret at all the main zoos?

I wonder if all the top zookeepers have a big secret meeting at a Holiday Inn off the A1 to hush it up

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Early Radiohead lyrics deemed ‘too bawdy’


electronic ankle tags


It’s dark in there so they can’t really see how to get out


They stink in those things

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:sweat_smile: :sweat_smile: dropped my bottle of beer laughing at this

use a Repel

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They ask them very nicely not to

You want to be IN the bat house, why would you ever want to leave? It’s full of nice bats.

Yeah, the one I’ve been in is fruit bats and those beggars really fucking stink

ASBO bats?

There’s an airlock system with plastic curtains. Though small ones can hide in your hair or lay eggs there.

sunlight turns them into dust

You’re thinking of moths

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Bats are very easy to train. Very. Anyone who has trained bats knows this. I know this despite only having trained a handful of bats

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any in the belfry?