You know how ears are shaped like that so that they make sure the sound gets collected and goes in the right place to hear?

I personally don’t think they need to be shaped like that to do that. I reckon we’d be able to hear fine if they were shaped differently.


How differently ?

Like if they were just flat or if they were a triangle or whatever, it doesn’t matter.

The hearing takes place on the inside so the shape of the outside is completely irrelevant, that’s my point here.

what if they were shaped like dicks, i would hate that


Me too, I wouldn’t want that at all

You could cut off a good percentage of the ear and still be able to hear I reckon

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Would give a new meaning to the term “chew someone’s ear”

You’d have to rethink glasses if they were flat.

Not against you here, just pointing out some flaws in an otherwise solid argument

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Yeah mick foley isn’t deaf

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Yeah, I certainly can’t argue against that. I’m not proposing we reshape them tbh just something to think about is all

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would have to bring back pince-nez

They funnel sound in so they actually make it louder and they make sounds ahead louder too

I beg your pardon???

What? Is this a claim that my ear shape makes my JVC Soundbar raise it’s volume?

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True, but sound doesn’t reach the inside exclusively through the ear canal, and so your brain is running incredibly complex calculations based on whether a sound sounds like it came through the ears as normal, or whether the sound actually passed through your eyeballs or the back of the head on its way to the inside.

So every single shape and texture on the outside of your head is accounted for by the brain when working out where something is coming from. That’s also why in-ear headphones make the music sound like its just coming from the inside of your brain.


you might be saying that a lot more if your ears were a different shape!

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Wasn’t expecting this stupid thread to lead to a fascinating post. Thank you x

(It’s well mad what our brains are doing without knowing eh, I find the visual equivalent of this properly wild, like how our brains fill in gaps to create the illusion of movement at certain frame rates or whatever but any more or less distorts that perception etc etc)

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