You know how Fairy lasts up to twice as long as the next leading competitor?

How does it do that?

Makes twice as many bubbles.

Its magic

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When Hans that does dishes is as soft as Jervais, with mild-green hairy-lip squidpan


I have noticed that own-brand washing liquid tends to be runnier than fairy. I think you expel less liquid per squeeze (LPS) with Fairy and presumably get a better bubbles to liquid (BTL) ratio due to it being more concentrated. All of which presumably adds up to the claim you referenced.


This seems sensible but still, is it really up to twice less runny than the next leading competitor!?

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Why would they lie?

probably bullshit, isn’t it. definitely better than the tesco value etc. bargain bucket range which doesn’t foam up if you use half a bottle of it but doesn’t seem much different to other decent brands


Who is the next leading competitor?


I honestly don’t know. Could simply be symptomatic of the post-truth world we live in these days.

Obviously they will pick the runniest competitor. But I am in the pro Fairy camp it does last considerably longer then many other (cheaper) brands. I think they are on to something with thier adverts pointing out that its a false economy, that you are paying more for a stronger concentration.

The ASA have agreed with fairy saying the evidence points to the fact that Fairy does last twice as long as nearest competitor, persil. Although Aldi’s “Magnum” Premium washing up liquid lasts longer then Fairy and is the leading brand in terms of preformance according to Which? magazine.


I don’t think they lie. They’re an honest company with a great product. I just wonder how they’ve made it so their claims ARE true, which they are.

Association of Squeezable Aldehydes?