You know how Marckee always thinks obscure things are really common and well-known




My wife was walking down the road the other day and slipped on a coat that had been left on the floor, dropping her Italian sandwhich.

Focaccia? (Fur-catch-her?)

No it was a suede jacket


Delete your account


Ban request




I dunno. It’s quite easy to have not seen every single Limmy sketch.


I don’t know what this is either.

Sounds like a middle class thing


I enjoyed this


Fuck off you prick


Good grief!


the most self-aggrandising like I’ve ever received in my life. no shame.




I was considering it but I thought about whether Jesus would withdraw a like and I don’t think he would so I’m not going to either.


If you’re not just googling it and pretending you’re not marckeeing properly


Jesus now is it. Fuck me.


No, I’m Tessa Sanderson!


Ah yes, the great focaccia trend of 2006, accredited to David Guest (R.I.P.)'s stint in I’m A Celebrity…



*David Gest



you’re sat in a pub alone apart from marckee and penoid either side of you at the bar. do you:

  • try to slyly use your phone to google their mad references to obscure things
  • jazz it and hope they dont realize
  • shoot self

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how is me making a link between marckee saying focaccia was popular ten years ago and the fact that exactly ten years ago, david gest was on the telly saying ‘holy foccacia’ to millions upon millions of viewers in any way, shape or form ‘obscure’?