You know how people say you can never get a GP appointment

in this country, but if you call up on the day you can always get an emergency appointment the same day.
I always do that but then wonder if what I call up about constitutes an emergency appointment?
You ever do that? What’s your emergency line? You care either way? You ever see the same one? AOB about your GP?

In Scotland you phone up and they give you an appointment the same day regardless of what it is. It’s really weird.

Only call up for emergency appointments if it’s, y’know, an emergency.

If I just want my recreational valium supply topping up then I’ll wait the required 2-3 weeks because I’m not a sociopath.

Had an emergency appointment once because I was unable to swallow, felt deserving of emergency status.

To answer your question I’d probably use it if I had a clear, urgent need for antibiotics, like an abscess or something that clearly can’t wait.

In my oxford surgery I’d wait about ten days, and if I wanted to see the really good gp it would be 2-3 weeks minimum.

We just ring the surgery in the morning and then a Dr calls you back within half an hour and you either get an appointment that day or you don’t need one. It’s fucking brilliant.

Last on the day appointment I booked was when I shitted up my eye the other month. Spent less than 10 seconds in the gp’s room before he told me to go to A&E. A great use of his time and mine!


When I go later if the GP seems unimpressed I’m there after telling them symptoms I will have to up and it and say “ummmm…and I’m pissing blood”
Lot of pressure when you’re taking an emergency slot

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remember booking GP appointments more than a month in advance when I lived in London (zone 2). mad.

I text my sister either the night before or that morning and she gets me the soonest available one cause she works there and that.



This is OUTRAGEOUS! Sort me out

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Not been to my current GP since signing up, but at the old one they’d get a doctor to ring you back and you had to convince them that you were worthy of an appointment.

Reckon it’s easy to get an appointment at my current place, it always seems really quiet when I’ve gone in to order my repeat prescription. The receptionist is really friendly and polite too, which is fucking opposites-land compared to every other GP surgery in the UK as far as I can tell.

Best is physio. Oh cool my appointment for something that was wrong with me 3 months ago came through!


Probably due to poor health, I suppose.


are hard-as-nails receptionists the norm or is it just my GP?

My lower back and bollocks really hurt mate!

Shamelessly so.

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Last time I needed an appointment “that day” I called up at 8am, which is when the lines open, and when I finally got through, about 4 minutes later, they were all gone and they soonest they could book me in was like 2 weeks away.

The next day I discovered that the appointments also open online at 8am, and it’s way easier to book those rather than try on the phone.

(It wasn’t really an emergency, just something I knew I needed some drugs for.)


I think being an arsehole is part of the training.