You know how Radio 1 is meant to be the youthful one

What’s the point when surely young people don’t listen to radio. Or do they?

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Ignore that. Was in the process of deleting something and accidently pressed post

The kids at my work only listen to one station - 1xtra. Some of the music’s alright, they have a reggae hour on there now and again which is good. Not really into grime, but bits of it are okay.

I get laughed out of the room whenever I put anything else on. Convinced a few people that 6music was good once, and it was going well until Cerys played a nine-minute Scandinavian poem set to whale mating sounds or something.


The new Sigur Ros any good?


Although it’s “for the kids”, some big legacy acts still get on there and do the Live Lounge or whatever. Orbital have got a residency on there next year. But the daytime is largely given over to the youth and I think that’s entirely fair enough. Would be interesting to know if Peel would still have been on there or if he’d have migrated to 6Music, or left entirely.

A few of my colleagues have radio 1 on a lot but they’re late 20s/early 30s. I think it’s now a bit of a stepping stone between 1Xtra and Radio 2.

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Hopefully he’d be in prison.


Ah yeah, there is that.

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Had it on in the car just now and the songs were Oops I did it again by Britney, Can’t Fight the moonlight by Lee Anne Rhymes and Of You Got zyje money by Jamie T. Sick rotation, but it’s definitely aimed squarely at 30 year olds.

Rinse FM is the only good radio station ty.

Juice FM

I had Scott Mills followed by Sarah Cox on radio 2 the other day and it was pretty much exactly the same as that.

Radio 1 is on in the pub and the DJ is currently googling wombat poo live on air

I am absolutely not having a single second of this “oh radio presenting is a really hard job actually” bollocks you hear. It’s stealing a living. Just say any old shite.


Someone rang in to say metal expands when warm

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If anyone’s old enough to remember Gary Davies, this is not a modern regression, it’s always been like that. :slight_smile: