You know how with some tea bags you get them perforated together in twos?



Well, say you make yourself a cup of tea first thing in the morning, leaving one single tea bag on top of the pile of remaining pairs. Then later on you’re making two cups of tea, do you:

  • Use the single and another from one of the remaining pairs
  • Leave the single and use both of a remaining pair

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To be honest probably either. Sometimes you just want to watch the world burn, eh?


I use two teabags per cup of tea so don’t have this problem


who even thinks about it that much


Tear them all into individual bags before putting them into the teabag pot, like a civilised human being


I think you have slightly misunderstood numbers


everyone who has voted


teabag pot


What the fuck is that supposed to mean? :angry:



i just… take a teabag?


I apologise for any offence caused.

Unless you use two teabags in one cup and one in the other cup, arithmetic tells us you still have the same problem.



so tightfisted.


now now


How many thirds in a conjoined pair of teabags?


No. Smee. You fucking moron. I do not have the same problem because I am never left with a single teabag am I. Jesus fucking Christ. This new place was starting so promisingly and you have to go and do a thing like this.


you can’t look me in the eye and tell me you don’t get a sense of satisfaction when you have THREE cups of tea to make and you find a single on top of the pile.




Oh right yes good point.

As an aside I think you have a new problem in that you’re not leaving your tea to brew long enough and are wasting tea bags


As an aside I think you should shut the fuck up. I use a big mug, is that OK with you your majesty?


calm down Ant