You know the profile background and user card background things?


tried to upload pics for those twice and it doesn’t work. where are those pics supposed to go anyway?


One of them is basically the header pic on your profile page (I assume this the Profile background), you might need to click on the expand button on a profile to see this though.


Sorry. I think you need to be at a higher trust level. We’ve tried to prevent people from uploading very much to suppress the site becoming NSFW


thanks sean, old bean.

any chance you could be more specific?


(jk loving the new site :slight_smile: <3 )


hmm meant to post this but it disappeared?


I’d also like to know about this please? I uploaded images but then wondered what the heck it was for?


I also uploaded images and then wondered what the heck for


In the desktop version if you click on a user’s avatar pic you get a little summary of them hover over. That’s one of the background pics. The other is the header when you view their profile as a full page.


To make it clearer, if I hit my own profile from here I see my User Card with the Archway Guinness toucan

If I then click through to my profile you have my background header of the Ladybird Three Billy Goats Gruff troll