You know what emoji I've been using a lot more lately?



I like it, it shows some restraint and some god damn decorum

It was funny, but I know we’ve got important shit to do, so I’m not gonna waste your time with a :smile:

and obviously it wasn’t funny enough for :joy: I’m not gonna patronise you.

I respect you, and I respect myself, so accept my :face_with_hand_over_mouth: and let’s all move on

I’ve started using :smiling_face: to show i’m not being sarcastic.

Tell you what though, emoji’s are well boomer, nobody i message under like 33 uses them.


Pretty millennial I reckon.

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Nah boomers/x-ers use them more than millenials from my research

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Not even for reacts in Messenger?

Gen z-er “what’s messenger?”

or WhatsApp, I didn’t think I needed to list all messenger apps

Also, WhatsApp is not a thing in Australia, ah jeez why am I responding

Definitely not in whatsapp or text/imessage.

So you’re saying message-reacts are boomer only?


Unless it’s a heart on a photo

Valuable information, thanks


not sure who to credit from here (maybe @Scout ?) but become a big fan of this little lad

works well for any generic low level fuck up/bad mood/confusion


Everyone in Australia uses it. What are you talking about?

Sadly, doesn’t exist in my phone.

Well that’s either in the past 4 years or not a Brisbane thing. A Brissie friend of mine who works in tech hadn’t even heard of WhatsApp three years ago.

Maybe just a weird Brissie thing. I guess I don’t use it much with those in Brisbane but they’re also generally a lot older.

Also possible it’s only something used in Melbourne I suppose. @Luzhny is Sydney using some arcane messaging system or are you all on WhatsApp?

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