You know what emoji I've been using a lot more lately?

Just thought that you’d send a lot of emojis so pretended not to have it


@ma0sm Update: my only real Bris contemporary mate confirms she only uses WhatsApp to keep up with us and other Brit mates, while she, her Bris and her Canadian mates all use FB Messenger.

I guess given they’re basically the same thing now this is sort of moot.

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The one I always want to use most is the winking one, but it’s never on the first page drop down.

I am an X-er and I don’t know how to work my phone.

Been finding myself using this a lot recently :smiling_face_with_tear:

Probably says a lot about my mental state tbh :smiling_face_with_tear:

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No laughing emojis get used by me, I go with one of


depending on factors too numerous to go into

Only emoji that I actively use is

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Think I’ll just use this one for everything now.



No and I don’t care to.

my mam is boomer/gen x cusp and she fucking LOVES replying to anything with :+1: :heart_eyes:


come on man, whatsapp is just fine, fb messenger is fucking disgusting i hate it


I don’t like FB messenger much but they are both Meta products and the recent introduction of reaction emojis to WhatsApp, something that FB messenger had for ages is clearly showing they are attempting to stream the two to be similar. I’d guess they are trying to get to the point where they are the same codebase.

After all, they’ve already tried to get Instagram messages to match FB messages so much so that when my sister-in-law messages me from Instagram something goes odd and I get the message in FB Messenger along with a warning that this is a cross-messenger interaction.