You know what might spruce the social board up a bit?

A shitload of umbrellas hanging above it like that street in Lisbon


year round tinsel

They did this once when I lived in Bath. It looked nice and made for some interesting shadows. Cheers.

Get some doilies on the tables

You make for an interesting shadow :wink:

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a whiteboard with a pithy quote or a cartoon drawn on it

I have a giant head that often causes a solar eclipse.

Enough about your office ccb

Lisbon is a real good city I liked it there

Candles in empty wine bottles.

right thread winner

I’m in a different office :frowning: So these days I can’t rely on having something written behind me to get me through a selfie thread

Random bannings


Employee of the month contest.

Yeah, big fan too.

What street is this big fan on then, near the umbrellas?

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We need the SAs to come back, maybe we can start a beef

sean turns up at your house unexpectedly and you have to put him up, rent free, for 15 years.

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a vaguely mexican/ mexican cultural appropriation theme - day of the dead skulls, sombreros , chilli pepper fairy light, a few cacti


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