You know what surname I really like?


Is this your take on Cassavetes?

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Chipchase is fucking cool. Remembered that I used to work with a Chipchase the other day (bit of a bellend though).

Those drums

Just while we’re on great names; always liked Tranquillo Barnetta…which I like to believe is Swiss for “Tranquil haircut”


I’d like to change mine to ‘swallow’

Bit of a maverick, not afraid to break the law if he thinks it’s necessary. He’s not a criminal, you know, but he will, perhaps, travel 80mph on the motorway if, for example, he wants to get somewhere quickly…


I know a ***** Chipchase. She’s lovely. She got married and I think she kept her name.

Me too.

Mine was a man.

No need for profanity @anon32406580

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Maybe her husband took her maiden name! COULD BE.

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