You know what you don't see so often nowadays?

Karate demonstrations at leisure centres.

Reckon MMA has showed it up a bit.


Puddles of oil on the road/pavement

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Discarded jazz mags

Monster Truck Rallies

this still happens loads #bikewankerlife

white dog poo lol

Used to love Monster Truck Rallies.

I was thinking the other day that you don’t hear much about glue-sniffing these days.

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Miquita Oliver

I’d have been tempted to agree with you but there’s a leisure centre right out the back of my flat and they practice every week.

Metro newspapers.

Display holder things always empty.

Never get to know what Dazza from TOWIE has been up to in the last 24 hours.

Pray for 29.

Tae Bo

Just imagining a “Remember the 1980s?” Facebook post with “Remember glue sniffing?!” and a picture of some scrotey kid with a gummy nose. 6.7K likes, 1.5K comments.

These days you can just find your porn on the internet and your drugs on… the internet.

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