You know what's out of stock everywhere?

2m high brushwood screening of any length.

True story.

1.5m and 1m heights are readily available but that is not what I need for me garden.

Willow and bamboo types look terrible…

Anyway, feel free to use this thread to talk about stuff that’s sold out that you want.


Lucky i dont need any then


Standard eggs are an issue atm


Lucky Unlucky

Wouldnt say out of stock everywhere but Campari is lot harder to get hold of these days in shops since Aperol became ‘a big thing’

Do you mean chicken eggs or standard size eggs?

Is this reference to your work or about personal supplies?

Oh no, fucking love Campari and orange in the summer. I’ll have to buy some in when I see it.

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Own brand eggs, so not Happy Eggs or the posh ones or anything.

None in my gaff, none in Tesco yesterday

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No Greek yoghurt round here recently.

Chickens are striking probably. Maybe you should pay for Happy Eggs who clearly give their chickens better wages (or are union busters, I suppose)

As in campari and fresh orange juice?

Oh no, that is bad. Not had that issue here in N19 luckily.

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Exactly. Mix the two, on ice preferably.

Although no judgement if you’re mixing yours with Sunny D


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Didnt know that was a thing, not sure about it but will try

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Oh, what do you mix it with?

Like our Fridge magnet?

Basically makes the orange taste nice and tangy. I don’t have a specific mixing ratio, just roughly 3:1 I guess? Then adjust after sipping.

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Highly useful ingredient so this sounds frustrating

Yeah Negronis and variations of that

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I like that explaination compared with the reality


Lady in the co-op yesterday said they were having supply issues with the bread, loaves i think. Not sure if a local co-op issue or a wider one.

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