You know what's shit?





Never been.


Been once and it was entirely unenjoyable

Think I’m now getting peer pressured into going again


cba with this thread actually can a mod delete it


Always run out of paintballs after the first round then have to spend like £15 for 100 more.


Anything that could be considered for a team building away day is an activity I don’t want to participate in (except karting, karting is mega).


what about ballpainting?


I like it, it’s fun


Uncomfortable mixing war and decorating tbh thats why i never did any


Only been once - it was … fine.

Some weird people there who we didn’t have to play with luckily. (brought their own kit, talked like they were doing a proper hobby)



It defo attracts a certain kind of idiothead.

But the activity itself is fun. (Not as good as karting, though, obv.)


S’alright. I rate it above Amsterdam and below offroading in terms of generic stag party shit. Inevitably gets ruined by the Gareth Keenans in the group.


Went once, on a friend’s 18th birthday. He was on my own team and I shot him clean in the bum :-/


more fun than bowling


I actually had fun at bowling on Friday, everyone was equally shit with the odd lucky shot. So, no one was taking it seriously. Just a shame about expensive shit beer.


Guy from my hometown has made paintballing his whole life and personality. Just glad he didnt turn out to be a murderer tbh.


“No hard feelings”


Astonishingly untrue.


fun for maybe 5 minutes tops then really boring.


It’s good but I wouldn’t choose to go because the risk of getting a shot in the nads cancels out any enjoyment derived from the activity.