You know when people say

I know that it will be delicious

Exactly. It’s probably space lizard central down there. Mars is just a diversion.

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Can anyone ever truly know Mars?

I think those people are talking about themselves specifically, so it’s like a gentle way of telling other people they don’t know anything about the sea.

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get your ass to the deep ocean

doesn’t work, does it

Highest mountains in the solar system, fyi.

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Full of right weird cunts who look like they belong in the Cambrian isn’t it.

Are they taller than the depth of the deepest ocean trench though?

  • Swim with great white sharks in a cage for 5 minutes
  • Sit through an entire match at Old Trafford, billy bollocks naked, and the camera regularly cuts to you just sat there. You receive some sort of award at half time and have to make your way down to the pitch (nude) to receive it.

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  • Waste of time
  • A good thing to study

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We’ll never know for sure I’m afraid.

Rather swim naked and cageless with the sharks tbf.

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one of my atd’s looks and sounds exactly the same as Brian Cox. teetotal, but good value at a party.


  • Waste of space
  • A good thing to study

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he also works in science (chemicals), but doesn’t really like to talk about it.

just watch 2001 man it’s all there and only takes a couple of hours. books take fucking ages to read.

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Not scared of sharks.

Love space but time is an absolute crock of shit.

No einsteins post to tell me they’re actually the same thing please.

warno right now:

Never watched that because i hate the title too much.