You know when you book and take time off from work

what do you call it?

  • Annual leave
  • Holiday
  • Something else

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time off



Was gonna put that but then thought would you say ‘oh I can’t do that on Monday cause i’m on time off’?

I can see why your colleagues have that secret blog about you.

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That what…!?

people at work call it annual leave. makes it sound like the military.

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“Sacking off this shithole for a bit”



Yeah this is exactly it. Don’t really trust people who say it tbh.

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same with some peoples out of office replies etc. theyre off for one friday and write war & peace in their out of office.
I just put, Im holiday until Monday. etc :roll_eyes:
get a fucking grip.

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Annual Leave. Im very formal like that. :wink:

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My last one was ‘Organising a piss up, back Wednesday’


Holiday if I’m on holiday, annual leave if it’s a day to do my other job or something mundane

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Leave, as holiday implies that I’m going on holiday, which isn’t always the case.

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Half the fun though is
‘I’m on holiday next week’
‘Oh nice where are you going?’
‘Probably the co-op at some point for more crisps’


When I was younger, and my time off work would be carefree it was holiday.

Now I’m older and my time away from work will be filled with childcare, decorating and a considerably lower ratio of fun stuff, I just tell people I’m on leave

Holiday but sung like this:


I tend to only have enough days to take leave to do my other job and the enforced days we have to take at xmas when I’d much rather be working.

Henceforth i shall call them: Bare minimum capitalism relief days



One of my minor irks is when I mention to colleagues that I’m going on holiday and someone asks if I’m “going anywhere nice?”

No, I thought I’d go somewhere really shit for my week off.