🪥 You know when you brush your teeth each day...

…which one is your main brush and which is just a top-up?

  • Big clean in the morning, top-up before bed
  • Top-up in the morning, big clean before bed
  • Other
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And please no ‘oh I don’t brush my teeth anymore because of the government’ or any similar try-hardery.

Big clean is always as late as possible after I’ve eaten everything I’m gonna eat that day, morning one is mainly just to freshen the ol’ breath.

They’re the same


one three minute big clean in the evening. twice a day is a lie promoted by big tooth.

I would simply spend all day worrying that my breath stank

Same amount of brushing each time. Not that it does any good fillings

once a day, man, i’m telling ya.


You do you, I’ll keep on funding the toothpaste magnates.

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Traditionally I’d say evening gets a proper brush, morning a rushed top up. I don’t really notice if I forget to brush my teeth in the morning (which I think I often did when I was WFH full time during covid) but I can’t really go to bed without brushing, feels wrong and dirty.

These days I tend to do my morning brush in the shower though so I sometimes spend plenty of time brushing while I daydream and enjoy the nice hot water.

Evening brush gets the bonus flossing. Don’t need that in the morning cos I don’t eat in my sleep (to my knowledge)

Profk isn’t happy with me–that’s okay, I’ll still keep brushing with that garbage

Fuck I haven’t done this in ages. One of life’s purest pleasures.

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Morning is the big one for me. I wear a retainer overnight, so have to clean that every morning so makes sense to dedicate some time to the whole process. Morning itinerary:

  • Remove retainer - brush retainer
  • Mouthwash
  • Floss
  • Brush teeth (electric toothbrush)
  • Don’t rinse with water - took me awhile to adapt to this but apparently leaving the fluoride in your mouth is best

every morning now. bliss.

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One a day in the morning surely. Nice and fresh for the day ahead.

At some point fairly recently I got in the habit of doing it twice a day and I hate myself for it. I’ve been had by Big Toothpaste.

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Surely it would be better to floss before the retainer goes in rather than after it comes out

Never heard of anyone brushing their teeth differently at different times of day before now.

Both the same. 2 minutes. Occasional 20s top up after a meal just to get shit out of my teeth/freshen breath


this is something I found out a few months ago and it took a while to actually do it, since the action of rinsing after brushing was so ingrained in my routine that I just did it and then realised after I shouldn’t have. oops.

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anyway cos I’m in the latter stages of some invisalign fun I’m basically brushing mine three times a day, and for some reason the after lunch brush has become the one that I go biggest on. probably cos in the morning and evening I cba, idk.

Both proper cleans. I was not good at dental hygiene for a long time tbh (good ol’ depression, eh?) and I’m sort of convinced if I’m extra good at it now I can somehow reverse all the years of decay.