🪥 You know when you brush your teeth each day...

Have an electric toothbrush with a timer so it’s the same for both, doesn’t everyone?


Electric toothbrushes are a swizz


Once a day, just before hopping into the shower. Hold the fluoride-filled foam in my mouth until I’m halfway done showering.

my current one doesn’t have a timer

Possibly, but I do not have the time/energy before bedtime. Also, my main aim with flossing is to prevent plaque buildup rather than removing food.

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Gonna have outed myself as a fancy toothbrush wanker here aren’t I

my old one buzzed 3 times at the 2 minute mark! not sure how fancy it was, my mum gave it to me because my dad wasn’t using it

Brush your tongue

  • Everytime
  • Half the time
  • When I remember
  • Never
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im pretty chill with the horrors of the body generally but a yellow/white/godforbidgreen tongue is most bokes

got to keep it away

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Both the same, though I do have an odd habit of wandering round the house doing other things during the morning brush, so that one is possibly less efficient/comprehensive as a result

All the stuff you’ve accumulated the previous day then sits on your teeth all night and erodes your teef

Bit of a guilty once a day (morning) person. Mainly

I find it a bit refreshing and if I’m starting to doze on the sofa I tend to skip it for fear of waking myself up too much and not being able to get to sleep

Trying to get past that though , I’m lucky cos I’ve only got one filling and I’m pretty old, but I did not enjoy my root canal and would rather not have another

Same amount of time in the morning and evening because I’m in thrall to Big Electric Brush Ltd. and their timer, but I floss in the evening so that’s probably the big one.

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As a kid I would brush my teeth twice a day but would do it on autopilot, and not really pay any attention to the gums. Had good teeth when I was young but started needed fillings around the time I could go to the shop during school and buy chocolate.

Dentist eventually referred me to a hygienist who was mostly really nice, but who wouldn’t believe me when I said I brushed twice a day and kept pressing me on it, because my gums didn’t look like they were being brushed enough or something. All I could concede was “maybe I rush it a bit in the morning sometimes?” and she said ok and then I saw her write “brushes once a day” in her notepad. I was secretly fuming.


This would irk me for the rest of time.


just this minute learned im supposed to be brushing my gums


That was me at the hygienist

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Yeah most likely this was your actual problem and it’s a bit off your hygienist didn’t make it clearer. The toothbrush needs to be centred on the gumline, which many people find very counterintuitive and also quite uncomfortable if you already have swollen gums

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Yeah she did make that clear as an instruction going forward. It had never occurred to me before