You know when you eat a big bag of doritos to yourself

and feel like shit for ages after



I love to eat Doritos, particularly the Chilli Heatwave ones.


that is what i just polished off. i’ve got a nasty cold coming on and had cravings

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What do you reckon to the new ‘Flamegrilled steak’ flavour Tone?

You deserved to eat them. You wanted them and you satisfied your desire for them. Any “feeling like shit” as a result is a construct from a society that hates your happiness.


Did this with a big bag of Sweet Chilli Sensations the other day :neutral_face:

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bless u

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I have yet to try them but, it is my opinion, that a flamegrilled steak flavour should be reserved for a potato based snack.


This is exactly their problem. It doesn’t translate to a corn chip, no sir.

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I enjoy the taste of chicken and chips enormously.


There’s lactose in/on the cool original ones, ffs.

I didn’t sneeze


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the worst was those cheesy puff crisps (i forget their name) my pal used to eat all the time.

during summer holidays 05/06 he’d come stay at mine all the time and eat those and then play my PS2 and cake all the cheese dust in between the buttons :mask:

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I adored cakes.


I refuse to buy the lime ones because they’re too nice and I’d just eat 576 bags a week

can we all agree these are the best crisps and if our guts and bowels could handle it, we’d eat them all day every day with a never ending crate of lager?


lips and mouth feeling disintegrated into a paste after a session on the flamin hots.

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Do you think that you would enjoy “chicken and chip” flavour Doritos? (free from actual animals of course)

the different size bags have completely different levels of flava on them, anyone ever noticed that or am I delusional?