You know when you go to a restaurant or cafe or wherever

My old local Indian definitely does

And the other one

So 2 out of 3 that I use

And the 2 local Thai places do as well
And local Chinese

rice comes with curry as standard

  • absolutely absurd
  • i’ve seen it done
  • yes, that’s standard

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what sort of rice is it?

Never heard of a Local Indian including rice with a curry on a takesaway menu before tbh outside of set deals etc.


Maybe it’s an ireland thing

Thinking about it, first time i ordered here I definitely ended up with about 6 rices

Choice of boiled or pilau usually (choice of brown with Thai, maybe egg fried with chinese)

A recent restaurant annoyance is that, on our monthly nights out, my friends and I will always look to order “Table Mac” (Mac & Cheese for the table) and its becoming increasingly common for it to be unavailable as a full portion


but this is only in Ireland, right?


You have to purchase fries separately at five guys.

Never get anything other than small as it would still feed the five thousand.


The Thai place has loads of choice actually

Except it’s not really a choice it’s mandatory (required)

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That’s really irksome. You have my sympathies.


Thank you

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(We had to settle for Table Gnocchi once which was a disaster)

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another reason to move to ireland alongside the sandwich bars.

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Gnocchi is not a table dish. What a fucking catastrophic decision.


You’re telling me!


what’s that Irish wrap again? wanna look at pictures of one on google. the chicken spicer or something?

Chicken fillet roll?

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that’s it

What’s the other good one? Spice box?