You know when you put biros in a pen pot or similar

Which way up would you put them?

  • Nib up
  • Nib down

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Nib down so whenever I glance over, their sexy butts are staring back at me


Nib up, lid on. Always.


What about if there’s no lid?

No lid? That is chaos.


I don’t know

Nib down so the ink is ready

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I chew up a lot of pen lids.

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clicky tops > twisty bottoms

Nib down is clearly the best choice to avoid inky hands also.

This thread was inspired by Mrs F turning all the pens over ‘so they don’t get ink of the pot’

Base down, nib up, that’s the way I like to fuck


blast your nibs

Even still, nib up.

You think you know a person!

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Full of surprises me.

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I voted up but to be honest it’s a mixture. Whatever way they are in my hand that’s how they go in.

Also a lid chewer :facepunch:

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