You know who you don't hear much about these days?


Yasser Arafat


Died 13 years ago to be fair to him


FFS mate


havent heard about ban ki moon in a while. hope he’s doing ok.


my mum mentioned Fruit Polos the other day. just to let you know.


Had she sourced a pack?


Tin Tin Out. Surely due a reunion tour.


KT Turnstile



The first time I ever went into a GW they were playing a song by Tin Tin Out and I heard it again for the first time yesterday!


Is that where the story ends?




I could talk about the bacon medallion and egg cob I was having for for tea after the song finished, if you were interested?


Hmm nah


I thought about this sentence! Even added in ‘I heard it for the for the first time since then yesterday’ and it was horrible so removed it


My dad always called him Yasser Marrowfat.


Joined a band.



I don’t believe she has, no. do you have a supplier, or are you yourself on the lookout?


Always a pleasure to see “cob” usage. #midlands