You know who you don't hear much about these days?

Yasser Arafat

Died 13 years ago to be fair to him


FFS mate

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havent heard about ban ki moon in a while. hope he’s doing ok.

Had she sourced a pack?

Tin Tin Out. Surely due a reunion tour.

KT Turnstile


The first time I ever went into a GW they were playing a song by Tin Tin Out and I heard it again for the first time yesterday!

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Is that where the story ends?

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I could talk about the bacon medallion and egg cob I was having for for tea after the song finished, if you were interested?

Hmm nah

I thought about this sentence! Even added in ‘I heard it for the for the first time since then yesterday’ and it was horrible so removed it

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My dad always called him Yasser Marrowfat.

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Joined a band.


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Always a pleasure to see “cob” usage. #midlands