You learn something new every day (rolling)

What have you learned today?

stressed is just desserts backwards


I have learned that although at first glance they make look similar, a Belfast sink and a Butler sink are in fact different in several very important ways.

kill me

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what’s the difference?

I’m genuinely curious

Depth and sink wall thickness, mainly.


good to know


You might think this is pointless information now, but one day you’re going to be in a pub quiz with a round about sinks and you’ll think “thanks, Epimer! Thepimer”

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And Butler sinks traditionally didn’t have an overflow, whereas Belfast sinks did.

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There’s Sink Depth Epimer, they’d say.

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Oi, no sink professionals

ffs mate


should have let Epimer have his moment


Literally ruined my morning.

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used to think when people were on horses they would go yaah! but it’s actually hyah! :flushed:

You’ve just learned something new, that should make your morning.

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I’ve learned that a flawless profile, a perfect body, the right clothes, and a great car can get you far in America - almost to the top - but it can’t get you everything.


That if a work order has 2 locations due to bad data client side it breaks everything and that i really can’t be arsed redoing all the validation queries

Today is Usain Bolt’s birthday. He is 34.

Only Theatre of Pain is Christian Death’s only album worth bothering with

I learned that the bible tale of Samson catching 300 foxes, attaching flaming torches to their tails & sending them into the Philistines corn fields to burn down their crops and thus cause them famine became an obscure national holiday of commemoration for a few hundred years after crossing over into Roman culture and its origins being forgotten in favour of it being reinterpreted as an ‘entertaining’ annual fox cull