You like one band. They do a song and you think "Christ imagine if that was covered by another band I like (who aren't similar)"


I was listening to that Elbow b sides album and this came on and I thought “it’s got all the beats, all the dynamics, all the other musical stuff (ahem) of a Queens of the Stone Age song, just done by Elbow”. Listen. I’m right (can’t immediately find a whole clip). Imagine QOTSA rocking this. It would be amazing.



I often think it would’ve been amazing if the Ramones had covered Hey Mickey. Is that the sort of thing you’re after?


Rid of me era PJ Harvey doing These Boots Were Made for Walking.


Not exactly ‘one band > another band’ but for years I’ve been thinking that I’d like to hear some very dark drum&bass versions of Loop songs.


I feel like every few days I think, “I wish there were a QOTSA version of this” but right now I’m drawing a blank.

This probably won’t be a popular idea, but I’ve always felt “Wait” by Sarah Mclachlan could be done amazingly by numerous bands. Today I’m thinking Pikul / Carnavas era Silversun Pickups or Adore / Machina era Smashing Pumpkins (the outro solo would be something), or maybe Devil and God era Brand New. It’s a really versatile song.


I have a brilliant version in my head of Running Up That Hill as done by Devil and God era Brand New. I’m almost annoyed that it doesn’t actually exist.


Xiu Xiu covering Monty Python’s “I’m So Worried”


Just remembered one, I’ve always thought “You Tell Me Where” by The New Pornographers was meant to be a Lullabies-era QOTSA song. I can’t hear the chorus without his falsetto.


Listening to Expo 86 today and really wishing there were a Titus Andronicus cover of Cave-o-Sapien.


If I like Wolf Parade would I like Titus Andronicus?


It’s hard to say, they’re very different but both great. For what it’s worth, everyone I know who likes Wolf Parade likes them too.

Titus Andronicus is much more angry and punk based, but I hate describing them like that because they’re so much more than that. I did a playlist for them in the other thread but you really can’t go wrong with any of their albums. If you like fast, wordy, ambitious, melodic, clever, intense rock music that’s simultaneously inspired by punk and Bruce Springsteen and delivered by a genius yelling at you about life and philosophy and mental illness, you’ll love them. They’re probably the best band of the past ten years, in my opinion at least.

I think if you like “Cave-o-Sapien” but wish it were a bit heavier and had more charged vocals (especially as the song progressed), they’re worth a shot. Since you’re a Badmotofinger fan, I think you’ll appreciate them - I could easily hear them doing a cover of “Face Pollution”.


Sounds great, I’ll check them out.