You make a better door than you do a window

  • I am familiar with this phrase
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what the heck is this supposed to mean?

you’re ugly but you keep me safe?!

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No. You say it if someone is in your way of seeing something.


oh right yeah that makes sense

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We don’t have this phrase in Northamptonshire

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It’s about as polite as saying “were you born in a barn”. I bloody hate that

Are you a serial non door closer Rob :smile:

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  • Were you born in a barn?
  • Were you born in a park?
  • What?

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No! But if you want someone to close the door, ask them to close the door rather than being sarcastic!


  • Yep heard this
  • what you on about

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No, I will be getting up (again) to close it and glaring at your back as you walk obliviously on your way thank you

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I’ve heard it, but I’ve got no idea what it means.

Frankly I’m not very good as a door or a window.

Is this because you’ve just discovered The New Abnormal?

Had no idea this was any sort of phrase until this thread, but happy to have some kind of context now at least

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Give yer arse a chance

  • I am familiar with this expression
  • You’re talking bollocks again, Vale

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really appreciate that you’ve written that how it should be said, very nice

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That’s what reminded me of it yeah but it’s a phrase I knew already.

Dad simply said “You make a better door than a window”, meaning get out of the way of the TV.

He also used to stop me every time I was leaving the room and say “Stephen! How far would you have got if I hadn’t called you back?”.

Oh how he laughed.

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