You MUST have a third hand on your body

Outstanding :joy:

:leg: :leg: :toilet:

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Erm, why so? I could comfortably fulfil both of these requirements without the need for any additional arm

I had assumed that the hand had to be coming out of the side of the hip away from the body, but I guess you’re right.

In my left eye socket.

The eyeball recedes and the hand extends on command. Imagine that, you see somebody buying a packet of crisps, all normal, until their fucking eye disappears and a hand reaches out to pay. You’d tell all your mates what you’d seen wouldn’t you.

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On my back. Concealment is my main concern, but also scratching.

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Just thinking exactly the same thing.

You MUST have a third leg attached to your nose.

What job are you going to apply for?


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Panto elephant.

Doing :crossed_fingers:t2: behind my back so I can lie about everything.


You could write nice notes to people, deliver them from that hand and they would be back-handed compliments. Would be a terrific ice breaker.


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I’d say on top of my head.

  1. You could carry things and it would be better for your spine than carrying them in either of your regular hands.

  2. Useful for securing your hat, should you be wearing one, in windy conditions.

  3. Catch anything that might fall on/ be thrown at your head, thus avoiding injuries.