You never really see people in movies or on TV using an electric toothbrush, do you


any ideas why?


Fucking good point this, friend.


Something about Balonz and Redtube


Seinfeld does!


Why would I want to go pro? With my toothbrush?

Good observation.


They’re for dweebs, that’s why. Nobody wants to watch dweebs!


think Seinfeld had at least one episode with an electric toothbrush related plot

but yeah, think you are right

do you know what annoys me on TV and the movies? The way that the headrests on the front car
seats are always removed. I guess it’s so you can see people in the back seats better - but it really stands out like a sore thumb


This annoys me in films -


see them all the time friend




they make too much noise the actors would have to shout over the top of them


thanks man

  • i use an electric toothbrush
  • i use a manual toothbrush

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it’s a shame polls are busted, kind of wanted to see the numbers on this


I’ll type out my answer for you Japy.

I use an electric toothbrush, but switch to manual when it’s not charged. We’re so shit at remembering to charge it, I’d say I’m at a 65/35 ratio in favour of electric.


something else you never see in movies - after a sex scene, the fella’s old boy returns to a state of perfect flaccidity immediately after the act is concluded.


you have 2 toothbrushes?

You do realise then when it isn’t charged it just becomes a manual toothbrush?

Then you can pop it on charge after use.


And then his pants magically put themselves back on without him moving!


Nah, the manual one has a much better head (ooh er) for manual brushing.

I have one electric toothbrush (shared with GF - we have different heads) and two manuals (one for home, one in travel bag).


strong toothbrush game


use an electric in the morning, but can never be assed in the evening, so end up using the old manual.

man, this is a dull post