You never see radish in anything

It just grows and exists but people never eat it


Gonna be eating radish tonight. Thanks

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It’s not quite rad.

Radish in Rick Rude


One moment it was there, the next it had radished

Nice picked radish and cucumber salad with Japanese type food is nice

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Tell that to Ben Kweller

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Is that a new form of figging

My mum makes salads with them so i see them there but nowhere else really

Was not ready for such an anti radish thread

They are excellent in salads and even better as pickles.

I’m going to see it in everything soon as I’ve got a glut in my garden. I’m thinking of pickling a load.

My mum also puts them in salad, and there’s a local farm shop that does a banging sandwich with radish.

used to really like eating a radish with a bit of salt, thanks for the memories x

That sounds right up my street

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See em in stir fries all the time

Sometimes see it in Fraggle Rock.


Every time I get a Poke (once a fortnight) you see radish in it.

I don’t like tomatoes so use them in salads for a bit of red. They are also tasty.