You paid HOW much? Removal lorry edition


What did YOU pay? Hmm?


I’ve always used Anyvan. You put the job, and various van companies can give you quotes all in one place (they can also see each other’s quotes).


Men with Ven, £80, but with no really big items of furniture.


£1500 for:

One van going across London with a full packing service for one flat located on the 6th floor.
One van going from outside London, picking up a piano, then going to a storage unit in London on the 2nd floor, then going to the house.
Both unloaded into the house, including reassembly of furniture.

If you have a single van, and you do your own packing and have a single pick-up and drop off in London, and you’re moving the contents of a single flat, then you should be able to find someone that’ll do it, insured, for about £600.

If it’s a single flat and there are no stairs, I’d pack and drive myself, mind, with a couple of runs in a long wheelbase van.


Think our removals with storage and packing service came to about £1500-£2000


paid a delivery guy £60 (two hour minimum) the last time we moved, but he said he couldn’t park anywhere near by so just unloaded on to the street and left. probably worked about 20 mins. got proper mugged there.


thanks for lots of answers guys this is v helpful takes notes


Yeah we’ve got stairs which is part of my reticence to do it all myself, especially for heavier furniture items


Paid a guy £150 to haul lazy me and all my shit to London in 2014
Still here tbf


The lovely Polish chap who did my flat move into Cambridge brazenly parked on double yellows because there was nowhere else, told the local junkies to fuck off when they were hovering near the fan, took the stairs three at a time with an amp under one arm and a box of books under the other (while I minced along behind him carrying a bin bag of bedsheets), AND tried to set me up with someone he knew who lived across the road after I told him I was moving because I’d broken up with my girlfriend.

Great, great bunch of lad.


i used shiply once to get an amp couriered and the two blokes who turned up were proper wide boys and apparently threatened the recipient for payment at the other end when all the payment is done through a secure deposit thing on the website. great job


They earned that 20p tip and no mistake.


did you discuss current goings on at the continental football club which he claimed to have intimate knowledge of?



Pretty sure a friend got london–>belfast for about 100 notes, you’re all being rinsed.


You’re thinking of Ryanair.



cardboard boxes included, but no packing service


I can’t really remember.


Usually just report it to the council and they tow it after a week or so.


about £60 last time for a single van journey. the guy didn’t write the appointment down and completely forgot about it, called them to ask where they were and they said they couldnt make it until the next day. we were stood there in the lobby with all my stuff cos the next tenant was moving in, got my mum to shout at them on the phone until they agreed to come 2 hours later