You posited anything recently?

Not sure I’m much of a positer. Sometimes I posit an opinion or something but usually I’m more of an opiner.

How about you?

fathers day card to me dad. think it’ll be late though. oops!



came here for this exact post.

as you were.

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Mmm lemon posit.


Mmm lemonparty dot org

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Never been quite sure what this is. A drink?

Have you tried the posit orifice?

A lemon posset with a decent freshly baked shortbread takes some beating.

That’s what I’m positing. What’s your position on positing about posset?

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I always thought it was a sort of set cream thingy but when you look it up it says drink! I’d eat it with a spoon so I wouldn’t class it as a drink…

EDIT: I’ve never had one before

Started out as a drink, and is now a dessert:


went to post a picture of a posset (the wee animal) but it turns out it there is no animal called a posset? am i going crazy?

was i just thinking of a possum and am in fact very stupid? actually don’t answer that. i’m not having a good afternoon.


This is just delightful!

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Early Drake lyrics blah blah blah.


:blush: funny.

didn’t we all, m9

Not a like.

I’ll take my alliteration and assonance elsewhere.

Now rectified. Please enjoy it.