You provide the punchline I'll provide the joke

Write a punchline and let’s see what people come up with as the joke.


Not on my watch!

What do you call an animal that tastes nice in a sandwich?

Koala lumper

A man walked up to Winston Smith and asked him the time. Winston looked down and said ‘it’s five minutes past thirteen’. The man looked puzzled and replied ‘don’t you only have 12 hours in a day?’

Winston countered ‘not on my watch’.


This is so laboriously awful and not a joke.

That’s the way the apple crumbles

Have you heard about the man responsible for carrying round small marsupials?

He’s a Koala Lumper.


What do you call a Canadian prime minister visiting the White House briefly?



“i can’t find that email reply from the shoe manufacturers about our suggested beer collaboration, can you remember what the subject line was?”


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Three hundred and sixty five thousand, seven hundred and eleven.

And the vicar says “my trousers!”

I vastly overestimated my joke making abilities.

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Ahahahahahahahahahah! :rofl:


one night, all the numbers decided it would be fun to see who was the fastest, so they held a race. they all lined up and off they went. seven was clearly the fastest, but as they were approaching the last turn, five pushed him over and claimed the victory. three thought this was really unfair so persuaded the rest of the numbers that they should run again. during the second trace, the same thing happened again! five knocked seven over and won again. three felt so bad for his friend seven he decided to do something about it. they would have one more race… only this time three would straight up attack five as soon as the gun went off, letting seven run fairly. so they all raced one last time and wouldn’t you know it, when

three sics five… seven won one

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Thread title sounds like a morrissey lyric

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