You put a pair of socks on and there's a hole in them

  • Take them off right away and bin them
  • Take the one with the hole off, bin it, keep the other one and wear odd socks
  • Just put up with it

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I wear odd socks habitually by choice. Pretty much ever since I could dress myself. It’s a lifestyle.


yeah same. days are too short to spend time matching socks up

Depends on how big the whole.

If it’s small, wear them and bin both after.

This is what I’m rocking today:


Depends on the location and severity but yeah, just put up with it for the most part.


Throw the one with a hole in the box of rags to clean bikes with, and put the okay one on top of the radiator to pair up with another when it inevitably happens again.

Then a fresh pair of socks go on.

All my socks are the same anyway

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Keep it as a rag

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If you willingly wear odd socks then you’re not a person I can trust, sorry.


I’m like the princess and the pea, but with socks. The smallest hole in the heel or under the ball will disturb me all day. When one pair goes, I know it’s time to get another pack of five or six, because they all get roughly the same wear which means that other pairs from the same set are likely to be on the way out too


Completely disagree

Might start referring to socks exclusively as sockywockydoodahs


As it happens, I’m expecting delivery of five pairs of socks this week and will be going through existing socks to remove holed ones. I’ll also be doing the same with pants.


No, I really do think that.

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I saw a 5-pack of socks in Tesco last week, Monday-Friday.

Wondered what you’d do at the weekend.

What would you do at the weekend?

I’ll wear a holey pair until the end of the day, then they get binned. I don’t wear plain socks, so when a pair is done, they’re binned off.

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I used to do this in school. It had a really strict uniform code so I would wear odd argyle socks to stick it to the man.



All my socks are black and identical. Don’t have any problems with odd socks

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Put up with it for a while, then have an underwear audit every so often and chuck out all the holey ones