You’re going on holiday

Short shorts x 1
Tank tops x 5
1 pair of flip flops

mate cycling down the galibier in august was cold enough, fuck knows what it’s gonna be like end of october

should probably take my gilet too

@japes will look a right tool on his bike with this

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5 t shirts
5 pant
10 socks
Nu metal shorts
Korn hoody

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*Korn 2019 tour hoody



This, except maybe a spare pair of shoes in case they get wet.

4 pairs of socks for 5 days holiday? Scruff.

i’m gonna need to wash stuff anyway

Think the only thing that could make going on holiday even less appealing to me would be the knowledge that I’m going to have to find somewhere to do a load of washing in the middle of it.

very much a ‘laundry man’s holiday’ as they say

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what about knowing you’re probably gonna get the shits
what about knowing there’s not going to be any aircon in the hot room
what about knowing you’re flying with ryanair
what about knowing you’re gonna have to wear stag shirt with a vulgar star wars themed nickname on the back

I’ve endured almost all of those things and would choose them over the additional inconvenience of laundry.

i think there might be something wrong with your laundry technique then

chuck clothes in a washing machine <20 seconds
hang them up to dry <3 minutes

Aye but where’s the washing machine? Where am I getting washing powder etc from? Load of faff.

No I’m not

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in the kitchen

under the sink or buy some when you’re at the shop

wouldn’t make my top 50 ‘annoying things about being on holiday’ it’s just not a problem in the slightest

Fully with you on this. I can handle any personal shame from novelty t-shirts/shitting self etc. but faffing about trying to sort laundry? Fuck off.

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If I’m staying in a hotel though.

then they have a room full of washing machines with either free washing powder or stick a euro in a vendy

i’m not saying you’re wrong but you are completely wrong