You’re going on holiday

I’m going to Sweden in December

Cause we planned it during the hot days of summer, it didn’t occur to stupid me that of course I’m going to have to go mad with layers

Do they fuck

they do, fuck

I’ve been in Stockholm in December and it’s not that bad because it’s a dry cold. Layer of thermals under your normal clothes is fine.

Can’t believe you didn’t get attacked for using the u word

They don’t always and it’s not something I even want to think about, logistically, so I’ll just pack enough clothes to not have to.

It’s an issue when you’re not in the same place for more than a couple of nights, as the clothes need to dry properly.

I’ve done laundry on a holiday before, but it’s a bit of a pain to find somewhere in your itinerary if you’re on a road trip or interrailing, for example.

(I don’t think I’ve been on a holiday where I’ve stayed in the same place for more than three nights in years though)

carrying a huge suitcase with the extra clothes you’d need is WAY more hassle than the five minutes it would take you to wash stuff

That’s some washing machine

We’ll have them carrying umbrellas while in their shorts and flip flops in no time at all.

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classic stockholm syndrome

how can i possibly trust you


just these for me

how does one POTW a P?

link to it in the POTW thread or just @ jaggy p if you’re lazy

bossed it

Is Tenerife Europe?

Debates of our time, do European hotels have washing machines for their guests

Think I’d probably go with three t-shirts, a vest, a jumper and a shirt to cover all conditions
Probably tough it out with only one pair of jeans packed given I’d be wearing a fresh pair to begin with

Three t-shirts, a hoodie and I’d just wear the jeans I went on the plane with.

Fuck clothes tbh.

6 t shirts
1 trousers
2 shorts
1 sunglasses
1 shoes
1 coat if like, east of france