You’re hosting a 1970s dinner party

What’s your menu?
Think mine would just be various jellies. They loved a jelly. No courses, just a table full of various savoury jellies, with one massive trifle for dessert.

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Fairly certain that I’m not

Fine, don’t host one then. You can just come to mine if you’d like?

I’ll make sure the sausages are vegetarian.


Sorry, I’m busy

But… but I didn’t say when it was??


Same stuff I usually serve but on a Lazy Susan, and possibly a serving trolley.

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Would quite like to be able to eat all my meals in jelly form

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I would absolutely LOVE a cheese log.
Not to be mistaken with a cheeselog, entirely different thing

I’d love a pinny as well. You don’t hear of pinnies any more. Something quite flirty about a pinny

Cheese and pineapple hedgehog. Classic. Timeless. Exquisite centre piece and conversation starter.


Why are the hoops different sizes?? :tired_face:

Why is this the thing I find most distressing?


Plenty of the good stuff to wash it all down.


those foods are war crimes

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My mum used to love that stuff but that looks like a different (modern) bottle. They were a lot more squat than that.


this was 80s though


The guests aren’t going to behave like it’s the 1970s are they? Because it was a different time.

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ah yeah - that’s one.

wasn’t there one with raffeta on the bottle though or was that something else?

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Don’t know, my dad was (maybe is?) teetotal so we didn’t have much booze come through the house other than dinner parties.

We’ve been watching Tales of the Unexpected and the most unexpected thing is the 80s now look like the 70s.

In another life.

Tell you what else, vol au vents.