You’re “young” if…

Think this is my line in the sand. What’s yours?

I know of it, but didn’t have a PC until I was a teenager, so young by default. Result!


We had it in school - there were 3 computers in the library until my final year of memory serves

Same. Not young, just poor

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Only watched Big Brother when it wss on Channel 5

If your hangovers last only one day or less.


you’re young if you don’t know what the Microsoft Office save button is


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Looks like it’s Ctrl + S to me


I know what it is but I was too old to have it at school so now I’m young again.

Brush your hair forwards

I think the first time I felt really, properly old was at work when a new starter said, in their introductory email, “Like most people, I got my start in programming when I built my own website at school.”

Also, that was probably a decade ago, so anyway yeah I’m pretty much dead now.


I built my own website…

On expages.

If you can’t fill in the blank ___ 3310

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For a second I was trying to work out what word that spelled on a calculator (cf. 5318008)

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You don’t remember a time before broadband.

…you know what’s number one in the chart


Ooh hark at you with your fancy new CD roms, Sean. In my day it would have been 25 floppies.


The line is constantly moving but this year it is if you love the 90’s but weren’t actually alive in it.

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Remember it well!……:frowning:

You’re dropped off by your parents at a nursery, and spend all day colouring in because you’re 4 years old.

Please like if you remember doing this! :rofl:

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